The brewery established in 1863

We know how important Brand names are in the portfolio for any distribution company. Leversa is not an exception and we work hard to retain existing brands and to attract new ones.

KOK, ILGEZEEM, RISSO, ALPRO – these brands  we have inherited from our predecessors after  merger. RIO MARE, SALVEST, DARIDA, FLINT – these brands names have been gained within LEVERSA  business development.

Our product portfolio is intentionally kept in the range of  just 400-500 SKUs only what is much narrower compared to average wholesale assortment.

Being limited own portfolio we are  pursuing to provide maximum focus and concentration for our sales staff.  

That’s how we do more prefer QUALITY rather than quantity.

 We believe our actual  portfolio  is compact, well-balanced and synergetic one.

Important criteria when selecting  new brands & products:

– general attitude and philosophy of Principal towards business development

– conformity to  actual consumer trends  

– clearly formulated innovative and competitive advantages
– provision of long-term marketing investments.

Well balanced portfolio

Compact and well-balanced - our brands do not confict with each other and can release synergy effect being in one portfolio.


The brewery established in 1863

Since those times and until end of 19th century, its beer was one of the most popular among Riga habitants. There are many references about name ILGEZEEM Pilsener Bier in historical chronicles. Today, continuing ancient brewery traditions, Iļģuciems factory only one in Latvia is brewing malt kvass under ancient recipes - Iļģuciema kvass, as well as non-alcoholic drink Iļģuciema Veselības dzēriens.
WebSite: http://www.ilgezeem.lv

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