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We know how important Brand names are in the portfolio for any distribution company. Leversa is not an exception and we work hard to retain existing brands and to attract new ones.

KOK, Wurzener, Alpro, Vandemoortele – these names we have inherited from our predecessors. Adriana,Rio Mare, Maizes Cipsi, Forest Treasure – these names have been gained within Leversa first independent business year.
Probably our current portfolio does not have a spectacular look but it is compact and well-balanced.
Our brands do not conflict with each other and can release synergy effect being in one portfolio.

Important criteria when selecting brands:

– Origin (local or imported);
– Purchasing pattern (first necessity and impulse);
– Price positioning (premium and economic);
– Product category.

Well balanced portfolio

Compact and well-balanced - our brands do not confict with each other and can release synergy effect being in one portfolio.


Wurzener Subtitle

In 1997 the Wurzener Nahrungsmittel GmbH celebrated its 150th Birthday as one at the biggest and most successful mill-companies in the new "Bundeslander". Numerous investments, a management orientated towards success and a committed team which considers quality, efficiency, flexibility and partnership as being core elements of their work in order to provide a top quality service to the customer, have enabled us to comply with our traditional obligations and duties and to strengthen and extend the good reputation of a renowned Saxon company. The continuously strong growth of the brand "Wurzener"give us today strength and security for the future and strengthened market position at the market. Wurzener has started export to Latvia in 2000. Today brand"Wurzener" can be found on almost every shelf of most famous chains or retailersand appreciated by Latvian consumers for its high quality.
WebSite: http://wurzener.de

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