Distribution of FMCG with passion

The way how to win the market with LEVERSA

A proper and mutually profitable cooperation between: Supplier, Distributor, Retailer, Brand and Consumer.


Our business is all about relationships

The purpose of our web site is to communicate clearly the essence of our business philosophy and show to our prospective partners what they may expect from Leversa.

We consider the distribution business as a proper and mutually profitable cooperation between the key elements: Supplier and Distributor, Distributor and Retailer, Distributor and Brand, Brand and Consumer.

We believe we know how to build these relationships and keep the balance of common interests leading to long-lasting successful cooperation.

Its Majesty the Brand – the most valuable business asset and the key object of our attention  is given the highest priority in any business  issues.

Distribution business may seem as very simple and common. However, our people try to view it and do things a bit differently.

That is what we call "The Way How to Win the Market"


SIA “Leversa” is registered in October 2002 as a result of merging of two Latvian distribution companies – “Arlems” and “Vice Versa”.

You may note it even in our name:
LEVERSA” = “ArLEms” + “Vice VERSA”.

The business of “Arlems “ started in 1993 when the company imported the first truck of vegetable oil from Belgium. “Arlems” has contributed its expertise in sales and marketing of FMCG.

SIA “Vice Versa” was also established in 1993 and served as distribution department  to  Latvian food producer “Kok Group”.  Its business led products under KOK brandname to leading positions in Latvian ketchup and mayonnaise market. “Vice Versa”has contributed its expertise in logistics and sales.

In October 2002 joined Leversa moved into new premises with infrastructure  corresponding to the requirements of EU.

The merger has guided an  expansion of Leversa and its establishment   among most important Latvian  distribution companies.

Sales & Marketing

Your Sales and Marketing Department in Latvia

Area sales manager supervises over 13 sales representatives visiting retail outlets of any formats and collecting orders in their districts.

4 key-account managers present brands and negotiate listings, prices, assortment and deal with other issues with national and regional retail chains. 

Our self-profile:

We respect scale of business but we never striven to become very large distributor because  who said that bigger is better? 

Do you prefer to make business with huge number of frequently rotated short-experienced salesmen?
Or do you like to entrust your products into the hands of best sales "commandos"?

Do you agree to keep your brand in distributor’s portfolio with 100 other brands else?
Or do you like your brand to be managed with high attention and owner & top- management supervision?

We hate “let’s try” approach; we like “go & get” only

We deal on fair “win-win” basis only

If we say “YES”, this means “YES” for sure
If we can’t do anything, we say “Sorry, NOT”

Do you like us? :-)

Storage & Delivery

Import, warehousing and transportation.

  • Location in Riga next to the office premises;
  • 4,632 pallet places for dry groceries;
  • 102 pallet places for chilled goods.

Flexible & cost effective own transport service.

  • Delivery time Riga: 24 hours
  • Delivery time outside Riga: 24-48 hours

Complete coverage of Latvian market with full range of services - sales, marketing and logistics;