Successfuly serving local market for 20 years

FMCG in Latvia - call it Leversa Sales, Marketing, Distribution

Latvia Facts

Population: 1,973,700
Area: 64,589km2 (24,938sqmi)
Population density: 34.3/km2 (88.9/sqmi)

Total: $49.891 billion
Per capita: $24,619

Human Development index: 0.819 (very high)
Gini index: 35.2
Ease of doing business index: 23rd in the world

Currency: Euro
Timezone: EET (UTC+2)
Gov: Parliamentary Republic
Capital: RIGA

Latvians Ethnic groups:
2.2% other
1.2% Lithuanians
1.3% Poles
2.2% Ukrainians
3.4% Belarusians
26.0% Russians 61.4%

Leversa Distribution Universe

Leversa covers various distribution channels:

- open markets, wholesalers, food service outlets.
- cash & carry outlets;
- independent shops;
- discounter chains;
- hyper and supermarket chains;

Our Warehouse facilities:

- 100 pallet places for frozen goods.
- dry groceries;
- 1000 pallet places ce premises;
- Location in Riga next to the o

Retail market indices

of retail trade enterprises by main kind of economic activity (at constant prices)

More information on seasonally adjusted, in the CSB database insection retail trade turnover indices is available calendar adjusted and non-adjusted

Retail Market Universe*

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Total: 3851 Convenience stores: 474Petrol Stations: 373 Groceries (up to 100 m2): 2231 Superettes (100 - 400 m2): 488 Small Supermarkets (400 - 1000 m2): 274 Large Supermarkets (1000 - 2500 m2): 37 Hypermarkets (trading area over 2500 m2): 24

Trade Sector Classication

Hypermarkets: Supermarkets: Superettes:
Cento : Smaller & discounters
Vesko Aibe Top! Beta Groceries: Vesko Austris Aibe Antaris Mego Top! ELVI BETA MAXIMA X


“MAXIMA“ is a private Lithuanian company – the operator of the largest retail network of food and industrial goods in the Baltic States opened its first store in Latvia in 2001.


In Latvia Maxima operates in 4 formats: 8 Maxima XXX hypermarkets 20 Maxima XX large supermarkets 136 Maxima X soft discounters 5 Maxima X express stores